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Dear Friends,

You want to know what you and I have in common?

Well - we hate the fake gurus or the wannabe gurus who are trying to teach you some stupid little systems that don’t work…

And that’s why I made this page here today.

If you don’t know me yet, my name is Desmond Ong, and I’m the bestselling author of the book, Against All Odds.

Over the past few of years, I’ve created over $7 million in online sales and this was all prior to me deciding to teach marketing online.

I was a honorary top affiliate in many of the biggest networks such as ClickBank and Commission Junction.

I was making so much money that I could afford the live the lifestyle that I truly desire…

You see — I love my life.

I love the fact that all I need to do is wake up, open up my laptop and work for 15 minutes.

Then, I can go to surf… or just chill the entire day because I know I’ll still be making money online every single day.

But the truth is…

It wasn’t always like this…

When I was starting out, I worked as a waiter in a small diner just so I can spend money on all those scammy courses online.

I was being scammed for almost a year before I found out the real truth about making money online…

And Today, I’ll Reveal The Grand
Truth To You…

The reason you’re not making money or not making enough money online is because you’ve been misled.

The so-called gurus are misleading you so they can sell you more stuff…

It’s really that simple.

The more stuff you buy from them, the more money they’re going to make…

And that’s how they afford their extravagant lifestyle.

Earlier this year, I came up from “underground” and started teaching marketing to the public…

And this year alone, I’ve created over 32 success stories, and even one person went on to make six figures in less than 6 months…

Look What They Are Saying

The Truth Is… I’m On A Mission.

The main reason I decided to teach marketing today is because I wanted to give you an option…

I wanted to give you an option to succeed with me.

You see — what I teach are what I preach in my company.

And yes, I do actually own a company here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that creates online campaigns.

How many gurus can say they have a team and company that create revenues?
Not many.

And that’s exactly why I’m the real deal.

This year, I’ve committed myself to help 50 people succeed online.

My goal is to help liberate 50 people from the lifestyles that they hated — and live the lifestyle that they truly appreciate.

And that’s why I’m writing this for you to read.

I’ve decided to go 100% transparent and show you my business model.

I’m showing you what exactly I would do to start making my first $200 per day — if I’m in your shoes.

And That’s How This Website
Is Created…

I knew I needed a platform to educate you to succeed…

So me and my team decided to create a special, step-by-step video course called “Get 200 Subscribers Daily”.

Why the hype name? Well — because my goal is for you to start making $200 daily with this program.

At a daily income of $200 — that’s $6,000 per month — enough for most people to quit their day job and live a comfortable life.

And this program took me two months to compile and it has six simple steps that you can follow to start getting $200 per day:

MODULE 1: The System

MODULE 2: Why This Can Work For You

MODULE 3: Learn How To Change Web Form Without Coding

MODULE 4: Choosing Offers

MODULE 5: The Truth About Traffic

MODULE 6: Paid Traffic

MODULE 7: The Amazing Solo Ads Traffic Method

MODULE 8: Monetizing Your Subscribers

MODULE 9: Getting To $4,500 Per Day

And inside, you’ll find plenty of videos, materials and even a personal access to me via my famous Facebook group, “Desmond Ong’s Students”.

There are a lot of values to this course and my current students think I’m way undercharging for this…

"Get 200 Daily is a very simple, interesting, straight forward course by Desmond Ong. We all know Desmond doesn't teach methods that he doesn't practice and what he's showing you is how he would start making $200 from nothing. If you're not following Desmond's programs yet, this is a good place to start."

Tim Nguyen, St. Barbara.

"Desmond is VERY blunt and honest. You're either going to love him or hate him. But I think our marketplace needs someone like him to tell the truth. Get 200 Daily is the method he would use to get $200 and 200 subscribers daily. There's no fluff. It's compact and straight to the point."

Casey Kwan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Frankly speaking, this course's best perk lies in its simplicity and the amazing after sales support that Desmond is offering. He's very busy helping other students but he was nice enough to give me a free access to one of his groups where he helped me answer a lot of the questions I have about traffic and list building. You buy the course to learn the skills, and Desmond will FORCE you to take massive action."

Darren Smith, Glasgow, Scotland.

But That’s The Point…

I’m trying to reach out to as many people as possible — while kicking out the tire-kickers..

And that’s why this course is cheap.

Truth is, you’ll probably never going to see me offer anything like this again.

But I understand if you’re skeptical.

So I’ve decided to give you 60 days to test this out.

If at any reason you feel like this is not worth 100 times the price you paid for, let me know and I’ll refund every single penny back to you.

No question asked.

I only hope we can still part as friends.

So it’s time now to take action…

Ask yourself this… are you serious about making money online?

If you say yes, then simply click the button below now to take action.

You’ll receive instant access to the program, even if you sign up 3AM in the morning.

As I’ve said — you’ve got nothing to lose.

All the risks are on my side.

If you don’t feel comfortable after joining this course, you can always email me directly to get your money back.

The reason I’m being so generous is because I don’t need your money.

I’m only putting a price on this program because I want to filter out the losers from the winners.

There’s really two options for you now:

Option 1

You exit this page, go back to your old life filled with struggles. Maybe you are already in debt and you’re going to get even deeper in debts. You are going to continue to struggle and get fooled by all those gurus.

Option 2

Gain clarity and join my “Get 200 Subscribers Daily” course.

Listen. You’ve got nothing to lose.

If you get my course — and you took massive action, you’ll get $200 daily into your bank account.

But even if you failed (very unlikely if you’re following my teachings), you can get your money back within the first 60 days.

You really have nothing to lose.

Take massive action now and I’ll see you on the inside.


  1. Do you need technical skills or experience to do this?
    No. I’ve designed this course to be newbie-friendly. So as long as you take action and follow the teachings to the tee — you will definitely see some results.

  2. Do you provide personal support?
    Yes. I always try to be the most dedicated teacher possible in this industry.

  3. Do you offer any kind of guarantee?
    Yes. You have 60 days to try this out. If it doesn’t work for you, just email us at support@get200daily.com and my team will refund every single penny back to you.

  4. Do I need money to get started with the campaigns?
    We believe nothing is free. All successful internet marketers believe there’s no such thing as “free traffic” as everything in life costs time or money. We will show you both paid and free methods — and you’re free to choose which method to use. So the answer is - it depends on you.

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